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Delta Hotels & Resorts Rebrand

Client: Delta Hotels 
Role: Concept, Initial Design

Brief: Reinvigorate Canada's largest hotel chain with a brand refresh that boosts awareness and invites guests to expect more from the four star category, and highlights its new renovated look. Everything but the Delta logo was fair game.

Approach: Having spent two years renovating properties, upgrading rooms and building brand new hotels, Delta needed a fresh and airy feel to their brand. Inspired by the renovations by HOK at the Ottawa City Centre location, I explored design layouts that balanced natural textures like granite and wood with vibrant colours and lots of white space. Taking cues from the "D" of the logo, I incorporated bold angles, colour blocks and geometric patterns.

Mood: airy, casual sophistication, modern, textural, bustling

The final brand elements were born out of early stationery designs I explored, seen here.

These were combined, refined, and adopted for signage, room keys, door hangers, bath products, name badges, etc., several TV spots, OOH and web ads, and a mobile app by a team of designers.

The rebrand and new tagline "Expect Even More" garnered buzz from Marketing MagazineToronto Star and CNW. The Delta Hotels brand experienced a strong up swing before being purchased by competing Marriott.


Client: Second Cup 
Role: Concept, Lead Design, Art Direction

Brief: Name and brand Second Cup's first national loyalty program and roll out the new branding across a responsive web property.

Approach: For it to succeed, our approach had to be insights driven. Through an extensive category audit of both the coffee and loyalty space, my team identified the ownable white space Second Cup's new program could resonate in. The solution had to feel fresh, linked to coffee culture & ingredient quality, yet comfortable for Second Cup's loyal customer base.

Mood: fun, familiar, positive, honest, authentic

Numerous naming options were explored, sketched, designed, and run by focus groups and consumer panels in key regions, resulting in a name (Perks) and font choice (Formata, consistent with the Second Cup logo). At this stage, several lockups were explored until one prevailed.

A Perks style guide explored patterns and colours inspired by stages of coffee bean processing.

Designed to complement the corporate brand style guide in a fresh new way, the fully responsive multiscreen web solution acts as the program hub, allowing users to learn about the program, register their PERKS card, manage their rewards account, view special promotions and more.

Results: In the pilot program's first four months in the Calgary market, more than 25,000 guests activated a Perks card and more than 20,000 free beverage Perks have been awarded to members, driving a measurable increase in guest traffic and visit frequency.

Although successful, the program was put on hold until another agency partner completes a coast-to-coast rebrand of Second Cup as a whole.

Sucker Lake cottage

Client: Sucker Lake Cottage 
Role: Concept, Design, Art Direction

Brief: Elevate the design of the website and create a unified suite of documents, social media assets, and collateral worthy of the amazing service and serene location of this vacation rental property. The owners are looking to increase rates for the upcoming season and wanted an upgraded public profile.  

Mood: outdoorsy, modern, inviting, tranquil

Approach: Site visits and correspondence with the owners as well as previous renters shed light on the most memorable features of the property: the lake, the large angled windows, and the secluded location.

The new logo highlights the Viceroy construction style so many renters recalled, in a camp-like badge that speaks to the natural Muskokan environment. Inspired by the colours of the landscape, the colour palette is muted yet sophisticated. The rounded edges and playful cropping within the logo keep it approachable and fun.

Icons representing categories of nearby attractions.

More Logos


Client: Ontario Tourism 
Role: Design

Brief: Curious about possibilities of emerging technologies, Ontario Tourism client invited the creative team to explore areas of opportunity. The existing smartphone app helps Ontario visitors and residents find and get to events, festivals and other local happenings; an app for connected cars was a natural fit seeing as how so many users get to these by car.

Mood: Utility, Connection, Access, Safety

Approach: I created concept designs for in-car adaptation of the existing mobile app, to be used in various car manufacturer "car-puter" app stores, such as GM's AppShop or Ford's AppLink. Careful consideration of vehicle manufacturer screen specs and design standards was taken to ensure safety of operation, including contrast, minimum text size, font requirements and button sizing/layout. An alternative nighttime mode concept was also created to illustrate this additional driver safety consideration

Results: Although the client deemed it to early to invest, the project was very well received, earned space and time in the agency's capabilities presentations, and lead to an internal investment of resources to exploring emerging technologies further, leading in part to bi-annual Innovation Challenges in which employees explore new tech and possible client applications.

Brief: As part of a larger re-brand and packaging re-design undertaking, I was asked to explore three different brand territories for Stonefire (authenticity, connection, and inspiration) based on potential new logos, and how each may translate into the flatbread brand's website.

Mood: warm, approachable, bright, modern

Approach: Working with a content strategist, I re-examined the type of experience Stonefire would present upfront on its landing page while still communicating its rich brand story through a new lens. Each of the three designs speaks to one of the three unique brand territories (top to bottom): Authenticity, Connection, and Inspiration.

Stonefire Website

Client: Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads 
Role: Concept, Design

Joy of Giving RSVP Website

Client: Mosaic Cares 
Role: Concept, Design, Art Direction

Brief: Create an RSVP and informational landing page for the agency's annual holiday bash, the Joy of Giving, while working with the selected theme (and dress code) for this year's event: sequins and bow ties. 

Mood: glamourous, shimmery, fun, semi-formal

Approach: Each year, the Joy of Giving event provides a fun little escape from client work and allows creatives to flex creative muscles unlinked from client objectives. My role was to explore visual direction and present multiple interpretations of the sequins and bow ties theme, from which a selection was made. The chosen concept was further resolved and accompanied by email messaging and environmental signage on-site.

Sabra social revamp

Client: Sabra 
Role: Design, Production Design

Brief: Showcase Sabra's family of products and brand voice into social feeds that are already flooded with highly styled food porn, while inspiring consumers to expect more from hummus.

Mood: fun, spirited, daring, delightful, just a hint of whimsy

Approach: Sabra will demand attention on the feed with fun, energetic photography and subtle, quirky animations featuring the freshest flavours and ingredients. Through the "Dip In with Sabra" campaign, the brand will inspire Generation Yum to live colourfully by revealing unique, ownable snacking opportunities. To compete for attention and create content worthy of engagement and drive to purchase, Dip In posts will feature playful compositions, lots of overhead product and ingredient shots, vibrant flat backgrounds, and fun type treatments. 

Check out more of the campaign posts on Sabra Canada's facebook page.

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The Challenge of Concept Work

Supporting the new business department of an enormous and constantly growing XM agency requires a unique creative approach. It's a fun change of pace and a rewarding way to directly impact agency growth. 

With pitch deadlines as they are, the objective becomes finding the most effective way to visualize a concept and executing it rather than perfecting each pixel. Needless to say, the mockups you see below were created quickly, under pressure, and often without any assets.



Client: Bud Light 
Role: Art Direction, Design

Brief: For an experiential marketing pitch campaign called 10,000 Rooms, my role was to mock up a brand footprint (large and small) that could be used on a mobile tour containing a backdrop, a TV stand, product displays, and seating, along with various promotional items and web properties.

Mood: sleek, tropical, daring, fun, familiar

Approach: Bud Light's Mixxtail is all about rallying the crew and bringing bold cocktail taste where ever the night takes you. Mixxtail 10,000 Rooms brings larger-than-life experiences into consumers' living rooms, the spaces were designed to feel like parts of a living room. The look and feel was extended 

Mockup of heads/tails-like branded coins.

Mockup of heads/tails-like branded coins.

RITAS Sampling Activation Mockups

Client: Bud Light 
Role: Art Direction, Design

Brief: Design elements for a mobile tour including vehicles, sampling activations, and influencer giveaways.

Approach: Because Ritas is one of Bud Lights most colourful brands and the concept these mockups supported involved colour inspiration and colour-based giveaways, I opted for a vibrant colour blocks with lots of white space, keeping the various product SKUs and their corresponding colour palettes front and centre. 


Client: Coca-Cola 
Role: Design

Brief: Create a sampling cart for Coca-Cola's surprise and delight product giveaway at Person Airport.

Approach: It's the season for giving, so why not create a cart that looks like a gift? For easy mobility around the terminal, the cart features locking wheels, handles, integrated lighting, and a top that comes down. Brand ambassadors in red branded shirts and Santa hats distribute bottles and gifts with a smile. 

Supporting images provide insight into how the rendering came together.

CORONA Liquid Sunshine MOCKUP

Client: Corona 
Role: Design

Brief: Create a realistic version of the scene portrayed in the sketch.

Approach: Through some intense image sourcing and photoshopping, I was able to isolate all of the individual elements, manipulate perspective, shadows and highlights, and combine them into one table setting.

Corona XM Mockups

Client: Corona 
Role: Art Direction, Design

Brief: Create stunning, realistic renderings of concept experiences that elevate the Corona brand as a year-round beverage vs. something you only drink on a beach as per previous "Find Your Beach" campaigns.

Approach: My main objectives with these renderings were to accurately portray concept details (Longhorns patio location at Whistler, seating areas, structures, and signage) and add polish with ambient elements (falling snow, fire pit glow, cozy blankets and lanterns, etc.). After in-depth image sourcing and image editing, both renderings do the concepts justice.

An example of how such renderings come together:

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